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** The first training night of the term is free!!! A perfect opportunity to get an introduction to the sport! E-mail us at for more information... ** 

Come along to any of our sessions - beginners always welcome! More information about sessions can be found on our
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~ Our Society ~

Our aim is to provide basic self-defence training and to teach specialist Savate kickboxing techniques with a view to personal fitness as well as optional competition at all levels, ranging from club to international. We train in the kickboxing style of Boxe Francaise-Savate, or just "Savate" - a synthesised blend of French kicking styles, Savate and Chausson, and English Boxing (Pugilism).

Savate is a fighting sport that uses feet and fists in successive movements called "hits". These "hits" are given according to precise technical rules which respect the basic principle of Savate - that every movement must be conceived in order to be both effective and efficient. Movement is emphasised through the development of footwork which makes Savate known for its graceful style. Kickboxing also offers a workout that combines aerobics, cardiovascular and body toning, and is guaranteed to improve your general fitness and conditioning.

Our training sessions are run in association with the Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts (CAMA), who provide our two friendly, enthusiastic and highly skilled trainers, Ollie Batts and Julie Gabriel. Our training sessions run throughout the  University term and also outside of it, for those who remain in Cambridge. 

Since most of you out there will be beginners, the first part of each class focuses on learning basic kickboxing techniques and improving fitness. We then move on to training "drills" with a partner, and we also provide an opportunity for light sparring for those who wish to do so. For the more experienced martial artists, we provide a friendly competitive environment to hone sparring skills and regular competitions to test them out.  

Our training sessions are geared such that our members can start training at any time throughout the year, and train as little or often as they want, and progress to whatever level they choose. 

We also train in Savate's sister-art of Canne de Combat, or cane fighting. Canne de Combat is a traditional French stick-fighting art consisting of striking techniques with the right and left hands, blocks, feints and combinations aimed at pre-defined areas of the opponents body, head and legs. It is a long range, and graceful art, involving stylish striking and athletic movement. In competition, padded clothing, gloves and headguards are worn.

Finally, the Society would like to stress that we provide a safe, injury free environment in which to train. Also, we welcome members of both sexes, non-students as well as students.

See our new Events page for details of upcoming gradings, seminars and competitions!

See some photos from training sessions, competitions and seminars.

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